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                  Our  TOURAINE  Wines


TOURAINE Blanc Sauvignon

      Crisp, fresh and fruity with white flowers scents and citrus aromas in the mouth.

      To serve at 8-10°C for the aperitif, with the staters, sea food, fishes, goat cheeses.

      Drink young.

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      Rosé wine issue from red raisin with white juice.

      Dry, round and fruity, it’s the wine of every moment : between friends, with the starters,                                                     charcuteries (cold cuts), grills . . .

      Serving temperature: 8-10°C

      Drink young.

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TOURAINE Gamay Rouge       

     Fruity and easy drinking wine with a beautiful ruby red color.

     It goes well with every grills, poultry, white meats and fresh goat cheese.

     It has to be serve at 10-12°C

Drink young.

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TOURAINE Rouge Tradition

      Dark ruby red color, it’s a full bodied red wine, rich and well structured.

      With some years of aged, its raspberries and blackberry aromas will delight you on the red meats,                       r                  red meats in sauces and games.

      Serve it at 15°C

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FINES BULLES de TOURAINE Blanc Brut and Rose Sec

      It shine by its persistent and fines bubbles.

      It’s the wine for the grand events, but also of every instants.

      To drink well chilled but not iced cold: 7°C, with aperitif and with the desert.

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